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Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

I have an ADHD muse. She’s also bi-polar. The author, unhealthy Me, sovaldi is relatively sane and does not have ADHD nor is she bi-polar.  As a result, my writing is sporadic and full of a ridiculous amount of various emotions.

There are four categories of writing here to date:

Original Stories: These are short pieces that I enjoyed diving into.
: When the words become lyrical, then end up here. I tend to write with a cadence. Some are harder to spot when read, but come alive when spoken.
Erotica: This is where I explore intensity and sensation.
: Angels talk to me. I tell their stories.

Everything is tagged to make them easier to find.


Story Telling

Sunday, January 28th, 2007

My name is Debra. I’m an artist, website among other things. I write, I carve wood, I knit/crochet/spin fiber, I cook, I create healing products, and I play with beads. It’s what I do. I create.

While I’m Hermetic and Gnostic, I’m really just a kitchen witch with a passion for herbal healing and cooking.

I used to be an IT professional. I’ve written 5 technical books and was a contributing author to about 8 others. I’ve managed IT teams worldwide. There isn’t a software program I can’t figure out. I created a technical education center that earned many awards with the staff of instructors that I hand picked.

When the pressures of corporate life insisted that my team be treated as dispensable tools, I threw in the towel and created my own business, 5th Element Products. After a year of selling my bath and body products on line, I opened a brick and mortar store. While I had 4 incredible years there, it really did suck a lot of the joy out of me. It never got to be successful enough for me to hire someone to do the parts I hated, like bookkeeping and marketing myself. I understand business, but running a retail store just isn’t what I wanted to be tied to doing. So I closed the store and went on to pursue different things.

And this is where the story begins…